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The Paris real estate market has its own unique characteristics. We advise you to work with a local expert for the sale of your apartment or house, ensuring that you sell at the right price. Describe your project to us, and we can offer you an appointment to carry out the real estate valuation of your property:

Sell my property

The definition of the selling price is crucial

The real estate valuation of your luxury property is the first step because selling a prestigious property is not just about finding a buyer. The initial step is to conduct a precise audit of the property to determine its value. This allows you, as the seller, to know the exact price per square metre of your real estate property. In the Paris region, property prices depend on the location, property type, size, and quality of amenities. Each property has its own value. That's why our agency strives to establish a detailed analysis to reveal a price that aligns with the market and ensures a successful sale under the best conditions.

The assurance of effectively selling your property

Estimating a high-end property is complex, which is why we recommend seeking the services of an experienced real estate agent who is knowledgeable about your area to provide you with the price per square metre.

Our team of multilingual professionals conducts a precise and concrete audit to present you with a reliable real estate valuation. They have extensive knowledge of the Paris real estate market and are accustomed to dealing with demanding clients remotely or in person.

Why entrust CARAT REALTY with the definition of the selling price for a successful sale

Our agency, specialising in luxury real estate for over 20 years, is located in the heart of the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Our team consists of real estate agents with vast experience who can assist you in defining the selling price of your property in Paris or the Paris region.

Selling real estate properties such as townhouses, luxury apartments, top-floor apartments, upscale apartments, charming apartments, apartments with views, apartments with terraces, houses with gardens, charming properties, villas, and penthouses is our daily expertise.


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